Samstag, 25. Februar 2012

electroaltar last chance

foto by lisbeth kovacic
dear friends!

here a special invitation to the last chance you have of seeing my electro altar!


a peephole through which one can look at the intimacy of a worshiper, pictures and sounds coming from unknown sources appear to an observer in an atmosphere of confusion: surrealist religion, praise of consumerism, mourning for the garbage, dances with lights made in china ...

a garbage-installation/-performance

radios, cassettes, cables, records, computer, record player, old, destroyed, functional, waste, manure, evolution, progress, china, sound, catharsis. santisima electricidad!

(i’m sharing the evening with ensemble phace|contemporary music and the ensemble of students from konrad rennert und katharina wurglits (check the link below)

march 1st


odeon musik, taborstraße 10, 1020 wien,

greetings and all the best from here!


next dates:

fri. mar. 09 innsbruck/austria *zimt* (castelló/romen/schneider/stangl)

fri. mar. 16 2012 echoraum wien/austria “bestiario series i” (castello/filip/vicente)

thu. mar. 22 2012 alte schmiede wien/austria “anja utler & low frequency orchestra”

if you want to know more about next dates and events please check or suscribe to the newsletter

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