Samstag, 6. Juni 2015

summer news and concerts and ske

Here a bit of a longer news letter than usual, with some things coming up in the summer time.
As well some open words about something which is very important for me to say to all of you.
Thank you for reading, or coming to concerts or listening to my music!
Best greetings from vienna wishing you a great summer full of sun and very hot!
Angélica Castelló

As you may know, last february was the month in which my composition “sonic blue” came out in form of a LP on the Austrian label Interstellar records .
Me and the label are very sorry to say that, due to some strange back and forth of information and communication, tiredness and I don't now what else, the Logo of the SKE was at the end not on the first copies of record... and IT REALLY HAD TO BE SINCE THIS FANTASTIC AUSTRIAN ASSOCIATION DID SUPPORT THIS RECORD!
We are sad and sorry about this, the SKE is an cultural and social association helping a lot experimental and crazy music in this land, supporting a lot of releases and concert series etc etc.
I want to thank here in my name and the name of the name of Interstellar records the SKE for the support!


sun. june 14th 2015 23:03 on AIR!
live kunstradio / adela aurita II
a radio composition about radio and adelita del campo

fri. june 19th 2015 20:00
echoraum wien/Austria
castello + students
end presentation of the improvisation workshop I'll be doing with the students of the university of vienna (department of improvisation and new music)

sat. june 20th 2015
heart of noise festival
sonic blues
composition & live sound: angelica castello
live video: billy roisz
mo. July
13th 2015 18:00
musikforum viktring 2015
I'll be cooperating with Giselher Smekal talking and making music about the south!

mon. july 20th 2015
mumuth graz/Austria
styriarte / gli scherzi
my new work “La Sonrisa de Tamina” (for violin, viola, cello, contrabass and surprises) will be premiered by fantastic musicians and I'll be sharing the evening with amazing young composers from Austria!

august 14th till 18th
Sanatorium of Sound Festival!

and last but not least: the 2 last concerts of the season in st ruprecht!

16. Juni 2015
Vacuum / Gauguet Solo
Vacuum: ​Acoustic soundspaces
  • Yann Gourdon – Hurdy Gurdy, Komposition
  • Antez – Schlagzeug, Komposition
Bertrant Gauguet​ S​olo
  • Bertrant Gauguet – acoustic and amplified alto saxophone, Komposition

28. Juni 2015
Atme Welten / Mühlengesänge 1-5 / PIN
Atme Welten:​ T​onbandstück für eine Kirche
  • Peter Kollreider – Elektronik
Mühlengesänge 1-5:​ Kompositionen für Elektronische Äolsharfe
  • Alejandro del Valle-Lattanzio – Elektronische Äolsharfe, Komposition
PIN: ​live-generierte 4-Kanal-Komposition
  • Hui Ye – Elektronik, Komposition

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