Montag, 4. April 2011

frans de waard about bestiario Vital Weekly 773

Originally Angelica Castello is from Mexico, but via Montreal and Amsterdam she landed in Vienna in 1999, where she still lives and teaches. Her main instrument is the recorder, which she plays with or without electronics. She plays this solo as well as with various groups, such as the Low Frequency Orchestra, Los Autodisparadores, Frufru, Cilantro, Subshrubs and Chesterfield. On her solo CD she uses Paetzold contrabass and subgreatbass recorders, piano, ukulele, toys, field recordings and voice. Perhaps due to her study of electro-acoustic and computer music, this release turns out to be a great one, I think. Where I perhaps expected some improvised music, this is actually thoroughly composed music. The flute is perhaps indeed the main instrument, but its very unclear what she does with it. Are these recordings fed through some kind of analogue or digital processing device, heavily layered or as dry as possible? Its hard to say and probably its useless to think about this, since what counts is the outcome, and that is great, I think. Seven pieces of musique concrete, electro-acoustic and an excellent montage of sounds, with the necessary field recordings to go along, sizzling electronics. Music that evokes images and could easily be used as a great soundtrack. Evocative stuff that is just excellent. (FdW)

Vital Weekly 773

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