Montag, 10. Januar 2011

concerts and so on

saturday  january 15th 2011


brut k/haus goes 11

11 years  better colors

b-day party


* wilhelm/roisz/castello/gartmayer

* pendler + bernhard breuer

* dj stefan geissler

* ease

* tsfb

* mimu.merz

* das fax mattinger

* bagdasarov/pollack/schweighart/vatagin

tuesday, january 18th 2011


mak nite/dvd presentation

mak säulenhalle, stubenring 5, 1010 wien/austria
"das spiel vom kommen und gehen" ("the coming and going show"), an interdisciplinary cooperation between the low frequency orchestra, the media artist martin pichlmair and the artist robert lettner, transcends the boundaries of composition, design, interpretation and improvisation.instead of an ordinary musical score, the performers consult a score of carefully arranged colored strips for instruction, which emerged as a byproduct of one of robert lettner’s works of art in 1982.
all 21 pages of the color scores will be played live, including visualization.

robert lettner – color scores

thomas grill – concept and electronics

angélica castelló – recorders and devices

maja osojnik – recorders and voice

herwig neugebauer – double bass

matija schellander – double bass

bernhard breuer – drums

alfred reiter – sound

martin pichlmair – video

billy roisz – video staging

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